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I am unsure which Priority Level my ticket falls under.
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  • A general question such as “how-to” or syntax questions
  • An issue with little or no impact
  • Documentation issues

Key Deliverables – "Low" tickets will be serviced as general issues during normal business hours until the "Low" condition has been resolved. These issues will generally be resolved within 5 working days.


  • The issue does not affect the customer’s ability to work
  • Component returning an error or not responding
  • Degraded performance is negatively impacting business operations
  • The issue is specific to one or a few users
  • New software installation request

Key Deliverables – Normal priority tickets is important for staff performance, but staff can continue to work while the ticket is being resolved. These tickets will be worked during normal business hours and will be resolved in 1 working day.


  • The issue affects the staff member's ability to work
  • Critical component returning an error or not responding
  • SAEON account is locked out or password has expired
  • Staff can access critical systems.

Key Deliverables – High Priority tickets will be serviced as critical during normal business hours, Rapid resolution will be provided using best effort. Priority High service delivery requires that System access or system information is available during normal business hours. High Priority tickets will be responded to within 2


  • The issue affects the entire Node.
  • A server has failed
  • No access to servers
  • No Internet access

Key Deliverables – Emergency priority service involves reacting to the emergency situation by immediately providing an appropriate resource. Emergency tickets will be serviced on a continual effort basis until the emergency condition has been resolved. Emergency priority tickets well get immediate response and will take president over other tickets.

** This is only to be used in cases that affect the entire Node. **

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